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SIREN – Security Inventory and Risk Evaluation Network

Our internally developed SIREN System offers a complex solution for the assessment of business processes, resources and data assets, for performing business impact analysis and risk assessment with various methodologies, and following up on risk mitigation measures as well as supporting business continuity management tasks.

Our solution ensures risk assessment tailored to the organization, unified risk management, and compliance with various internal and external requirements. With the help of SIREN, various surveys can be performed in a simple and user-friendly way, resulting in comprehensible outputs and reports to effectively support managerial decision making.

As its name suggests, SIREN as a Security Inventory and Risk Evaluation Network maps and collects risks resulting from different analyses, compliance requirements, internal and external audits, vulnerability management, incident management and penetration tests into a single channel, providing a full insight of vulnerabilities affecting the organization and information security related tasks.

Business continuity management has its own module, which – beyond identifying critical processes and resources – can also be used for preparing and testing BCP and DRP action plans, with full documentation options. Because of the modular structure of the System, all organizations may pick which functions they need, and the software also makes it possible to import data from other sources, making it easier to review results of previous assessments.

iCompliant – IBM i Configuration Assessment Tool


IBM i (formerly AS/400) systems play critical role in the business processes of their owners. However, security testing and monitoring of these systems usually doesn’t achieve the level we expect in case of Windows, Linux or Unix hosts.

Silent Signal’s proprietary iCompliant tool helps the secure operation and hardening of IBM i systems to minimize the attack surface. To satisfy the need of in-depth IBM i security assessments, the knowledge integrated into iCompliant is based on multiple pillars:


iCompliant applies this knowledge to examine the overall security posture of its target systems, and deliver comprehensive results about weaknesses to remediate and settings to improve.


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Security awareness board game

Our own cooperative security awareness board game can be bought as a product or as a service as well.

During the game, players impersonate six characters to experience the information security dangers that can affect them during an average day at work. Players must pick security awareness skills they find most important and use them as they encounter various security-related events in each round. Without proper defense, these can become incidents with attackers getting their hands on their devices, passwords, internal or sensitive information. Some attacks can be tied to certain locations or inherent traits of characters, so players must be vigilant and identify relevant infosec skills for each situation. And what's the goal? To reach the end of the workday with as many assets and pieces of information still in their possession as they can.

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Awareness Game

Our online Awareness Game can help you bring a new vibe to Cyber Security Month or any other time of the year, to promote security awareness. Fans of gamification can test and improve their awareness through various challenging tasks - and may even compete with each other.

Our solution is quick and easy to deploy and helps develop security awareness for organizations who are ready to include playful ways to deepen the knowledge of information security of their users, but also need flexibility and online options.